During 1988-1990, Professors Chun-Yen Chang and Chien-Ping Lee assumed the responsibility of preparing the construction project for the Solid-State Electronic System Building. However, the building construction was once suspended because of insufficient funding from the Ministry of Education. Professor Chang thus paid a personal visit to the Minister of Education, Kao-Wen Mao, and was fortunately able to resolve the predicament. The project effectively facilitated a cleanroom of the building, which achieved a cleanness level of Class 1, far above general standards and ranking at the top of the world. At the time, the National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL) provided a complete set of R&D equipment and advanced instruments, and developed various key technology modules such as electron beam lithography, ion implanter, reactive ion etching, silicon and silicon germanium epitaxy growth technologies, to support academic society for their novel research.

First Director-General-Chun-Yen Chang

Second Director-General-Simon Sze

Third Director-General-Wei-Xin Ni

Fourth Director-General-Fu-Liang Yang