The only open research service environment with complete nano device manufacturing test line in Taiwan

NDL (National Nano Device Laboratories), located besides Hsinchu Science Park, is affiliated with NARL (National Applied Research Laboratories) as an important place to cultivate high level technology talents for semiconductor and nano techniques in Taiwan. Since foundation in 1988, it has became a national open nano device process test environment, and provided a unique open experiment research environment for comprehensive turnkey consignment services, and gathered experts in life science, optical, electronic, mechanical, circuit design or system engineering fields to acquire cross-field research results and technologies with various cooperation models, such that the research energy of Taiwan academic and research institutes with respect to integrated device technologies were improved, and international academic prestige was created.

Common integrated equipment resources without repetitive investment from government

NDL is the only open experiment research environment capable of providing One-Stop Operation turnkey process integrated technology consignment services. It provides an environment for integrated device services and cross-field integration researches, and sets up an integrated process service platform to cooperate with professors in schools nationwide on development of module and device technologies, provide research institutes with equipment development and technology services, and cooperate with academic circle for research projects, in order for various universities and colleges and academic research institutes nationwide to utilize laboratory resources sufficiently, such that high quality researches are produced.

Cultivation of high-tech talents, and narrowing gap between academics and applications

The laboratory owns sophisticated perfect equipments, including 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000-class clean rooms, complete nano device manufacturing core test line, worldwide top class high frequency measurement laboratory, and multi-functional ion implanter etc. It has further nano measurement laboratory certified with ISO/IEC 17025 test laboratory. The laboratory not only enhances equipment practice courses, but also opens related practical application courses, engages in talent training, and supports industries with necessary semiconductor talents. NDL is the most important place cultivating talents in semiconductor and nano technique fields currently.