To effectively support academic research and to become a pioneering world- class national laboratory, the three primary missions of the NDL are "Device experiment services", "Talent cultivation and business promotion", "Device research and development". The organization of NDL is shown as below:
Device Experiment Services:
(1) Hsin-chu Site services: based on CMOS development, national nano science and technology research resources are integrated. Core test line for top-down and bottom-up process platforms are built. Industries and academic circle are supported with prospective researches on nano electronic devices, nano electronic (photonic) device technology, nano manufacturing and functional material process technology, and nano bio-medication and MEMS.
(2) Tainan Site services: based on the development of renewable energy and micro sensors device, we keep establishing and maintaining the research resources to build a platform of the nano energy technology , the Internet of Things (IOT) and the biomedical sensors research and talent cultivation demanded by Southern Taiwan.
(3) High frequency measurement: industries and academic circle are supported with high frequency device/circuit related research tasks for, such as, 220 GHz RF/microwave/MMV (millimeter wave) circuits, 220 GHz dual-port S parameters, 50 GHz temperature variant dual-port S parameters, 110 GHz four-port S parameters, 90 GHz high frequency noise parameters, low frequency noise parameters, 26 GHz impulse RF parameters and 90 GHz high frequency power parameters.
(4) Metrology Analysis Service: Industry and academic are supported to apply materials characterization technology to analyze research for structural diffraction, scanning image, and surface chemistry.
Talent Training and Business Promotion:

The Plan Promotion Section is responsible for supporting industry-academy cooperation, educational training and talent training for NDL.