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Annual Report

A brief of SNDT 2014

The Symposium on Nano Device Technology (SNDT) was held at Nano Device Laboratory (NDL) in HsinChu, Taiwan on May. 1~2, 2014. This Symposium is focus on “The New Idea and Advancement in Nano Device and Technology”. The following two speakers are invited to give plenary speeches: Prof. Simon M. Sze (IEEE Fellow) of National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan with the topic “ My Years at Bell Laboratories - on Bell Labs’ Pioneering Contribution to Semiconductor Technology”; and Dr. Simon Deleonibus (IEEE Fellow) of CEA, LETI, France with the topic “ The Future of Micro and Nanoelectronics in the Zero Power and Zero Variability Era”. In addition, twenty invited talks including EDS distinguished lecture were held in 6 concurrent sections.  About 200 students and some professors of local universities attended the Symposium.

From left to right: Prof. Simon M. Sze (IEEE Fellow), Dr. Simon Deleonibus (IEEE Fellow) and, Prof. Wen-Kuna Yeh (Deputy Director of NDL)

The invited speakers at the poster of SNDT 2014: From left to right: Prof. Janne Wha Wu (NCCU), prof. Jiann-Shiun Yuan (University of Central Florida, EDS Distinguished Lecturer) , Prof. Wen-Kuna Yeh (Deputy Director of NDL), Prof. Chin-Chun Meng (NCTU), Prof. Chien-Nan Kuo (NCTU), Dr. Guo-Wei Huang (NDL), and Chin-Li Lin (FCU).