1. NDIC is established to integrate industrial, government, academic, and research groups and organizations to cultivate high- tech talents required by the industry, so as to promote innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation in the semiconductor and nano device industries, encourage professors and students to become involved in the innovation and R&D of nano devices, promote industry-academy cooperation and exchange, and raise the technical standard and international competitiveness of Taiwan’s semiconductor and nano device industries.
2. NDIC is formed by the manufacturers, corporations and professors and holds at least one meeting half - yearly. Members can enjoy free participation to the meeting.
  (1) Manufacturer and corporation members: General manufacturers or corporations will need to pay an annual membership fee of NT$250,000 or higher. The annual fee can offset the equipment use fee at NDL for members themselves or the professors they sponsor. The annual fee can also be used as the cash prize for the device innovation competition. The annual fee can also be paid by contract professors.
  (2) Ex-officio members: (a) those who donate equipment amounting to NT$1 million or higher or cash amounting to NT$250,000 or higher; or (2) those who are on a cooperation project amounting to NT$1 million or higher with NDL.
  (3) Professor members.
3. Rights and obligations of members
  Manufacturers and corporations
  • Membership fee can offset the equipment use fee at NDL.
  • Enjoy priority patent licensing from NDL.
  • Free participation in NDIC conferences and related activities
    (except for education/training activities).
  • Provision of talent recruitment information to NDIC.
  • Application free membership each year, provided that relevant research data and data of involved students should be submitted.
  • Professors sponsored by manufacturers with an amount at NT$250,000 or higher can offset the equipment use fee (except for material fee) at NDL at NT$250,000 during the period.
  • Professors without receiving NT$250,000 of funds from manufacturers but who have signed a cooperation letter of intent (LOI) with manufacturers can enjoy a credit of NT$60,000 equipment use fee (except for material fee) at NDL after the LOI is reviewed by NDIC.
  • Student members can participate in the NDL device innovation competition. The maximum cash prize for the first price is NT$250,000. The cash prize will be supported by membership fee of manufacturers or corporations or other donations.
  • Must participate in NDIC conferences and related activities.
4. NDIC has one chairperson filled by the NDL director to administer NDIC affairs.
5. Application for membership: Complete the membership application form and have it signed by the applicant’s company or unit before e-mailing to the NDL case officer.