Training Courses and Features
Scientific TalentsTalent are is Cultivated in Line with Industrial Practices

The number of trainees of various related courses opened by NDL every year has been up to 5,000. Since 2008, total 1,894 masters and PhD studentss (wherein 1,662 are masters and 232 are PhDs) have been cultivated. TillUntil March, 2013, a total of 903 people have entered industries industry to work. Most of them work for semiconductor related jobs, such as semiconductor manufacturing, MEMS, energy, optoelectronics, storage media, IC design in TSMC, UMC, AUO, MXIC, Innolux Display, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Winbond Electronics, Vanguard International and so forth to contribute to Taiwan semiconductor related industries with above 25 billion NTD as the largest indirect economic benefit of this program.

NDL plans various semiconductor educational training courses, and provides advanced laboratories and process equipments for students to get familiar with related nano device process technologies through practical operation trainings, and developing semiconductor high tech semiconductor talentstalent necessary for industries industry and academic circleacademia for them to immediately join the production process immediately and shorten the time and cost necessary for industries to training new comers after they enter the employment market.